01 September 2007

Focus on expertise

Welcome to Economics International Open Forum. Our goal is to create a place in which different views on international economics may be exchanged and debated. Although the website is primarily by students and for students, the crucial element will be the presence of experienced scholars in International Economics, moderating discussions and being the guardians of intellectual coherence.

But who are we, you may be wondering. We met as students at University of California, Berkeley, for a seminar on international economics and found ourselves working with a very skilled group, whose discussions during classes were interesting, entertaining and lead to valuable conclusions. Going to different schools from all around the world, we felt like it is often the case that these rich debates do not go beyond the wall of the universities and as such their conclusions are irrevocably lost.

Economics International thus aims at pooling students from top universities to provide a source of information and informed opinions for those majoring in Economics, Business, Political Economy, International Relations or anyone interested in these themes.

We focus on expertise, with collaborators coming from top schools and writing on relevant themes of the international arena, as well as moderators who are authorities in their fields and will be ensuring the quality of the debate.

--André Luis Pulcherio and Remy Piwowarski

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