24 November 2007

Paying Taxes

PricewaterhouseCoopers and World Bank have just published a new report on corporate taxation, "Paying Taxes 2008":

"Paying Taxes 2008" offers data on total tax rates, payment frequency, and the time needed to comply with tax regulations in 178 economies. This year's report finds that business taxation goes well beyond corporate income taxes. It identifies five types of taxes that firms pay: profit, social, property, turnover, and other taxes, such as municipal fees and fuel taxes. The number of steps, time requirements, and various cost indicators are used to determine the overall burden of paying taxes.

You are probably wondering who is No. 1? Ireland? Honkkong? Or
maybe some Central - Eastern European country, e.g. Estonia? No.

One more surprise: it is Maldives.

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Lance Abel said...

The Maldives aren't terribly interesting, though, from a global perspective....
It's very difficult for large economies to just scale up the solutions of the Maldives to balance all of their own competing needs.
Likewise, what can Australia learn from Oman or the USA learn from Singapore? Aren't circumstances just too different everywhere?