25 September 2008

Economics International is back

Dear Readers!

Economics International is back after the vacations break and ready to bring you new insight on international finance, trade and business.

In the coming academic year, we aim at enlarging the number of authors, obtaining more academic articles written by PhD students and touching upon topics not covered anywhere else.

As to the latter, the article on the interactions between Eastern philosophies and economic life of Chinese diaspora by Lea Tan will be ready soon.

We hope that you will find the visit on our website interesting, entartaining and inspirating!

Best wishes,
Economics International

1 comment:

Kordian K said...

Glad to see you back, you bloggers:) I wish you many good ideas and inspiring responses. I'm especially looking forward to this material on China. If it's as good as the piece on Japan, it's worth waiting for.

Your frequent guest from Poland